GATE und die Junge DGAP

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GATE und die Junge DGAP

On March 25, 2015, His Excellency Syed Hasan Javed, the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Germany, welcomed 35 Young DGAP members (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik e.V.; German Society for Foreign Relations) to the Ambassador’s Briefing at the Pakistani Embassy in Berlin. After learning about the positive aspects and investments opportunities Pakistan has to offer, Philomena Poetis, General-Secretary of G.A.T.E. to Pakistan e.V., raised questions on education in Pakistan, the actions the Pakistani government takes to enable higher education and possibilities for entrepreneurs in the country, the German-Pakistani economic and political ties and the role Social Media plays for intercultural communication. The Pakistani Ambassador impressed the attendees during the Q &A with his very open words regarding political issues like energy shortages, ISAF and terrorist attacks in the region as well as the relationship to it’s neighbouring country China and India. During a buffet with Pakistani delicacies, the Ambassador as well as the Embassy’s staff mingled with the Young DGAP to further discuss matters of interests and exchange contact details. A very warm and insightful evening for all participants organized by G.A.T.E executive member Philomena Poetis....


Economy Talks 2015 – Ausblick

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Focus on Asia The Economy Talks‚ focus on Asia is planned to be emphasised even further. „The Economy Talks of 2015 have shown a great will towards conversation on the part of Asian politics and business representatives. This results in significant cooperation potential for German companies in this region of the world,“ said Consul Dr. Poetis, founder and host of the Economy Talks, which have been held as a part for the Munich Security Conference since 2011. In his capacity as Honorary Consul of Pakistan for Bavaria, Poetis originally introduced the meeting as a networking event for the Pakistani delegation. The Economy Talks provide the Pakistani participants of the Security Conference with an opportunity to meet with key decision makers from German, and Bavaria in particular. As a result of the participants‘ highly positive response, representatives of other nations were invited to the annual event. This year, Chinese representatives from politics and business attended the talks. First, bilateral talks between the Pakistani Defence Minister Asif and Chinese Vice-Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin took place. This meeting covered topics which then were further discussed in the subsequent larger round of Economy Talks. Of particular importance tot he honoured guest were intra-regional cooperation projects in Asia, involving European technology partners – especially in contrast to projects predominantly coordinated by the United States. For the next Economy Talks it is therefore planned to invite representatives of the ASEAN countries. The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) comprises Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. As close cooperation for example already exists between Malaysia and Pakistan, such as the establishment of an Malayan special economic zone in Karachi. A similar project is now sought for German companies, pertinent investor meetings were continued under the Economy Talks. The organisation G.A.T.E. to Pakistan acts as a coordinator of such cooperation projects. The organisation was founded by Dr. Poetis on the initiative of the German Ambassador Dr. Cyrill Nunn in Islamabad and the German Consul General Dr. Tilo Klinner, Karachi, as a precursor to a Chamber of Commerce. G.A.T.E. to Pakistan’s partner organisation are the Pakistan German Trade and Invest (GPTI), the Pakistan-German Business Forum (GPTI) and the Pakistan Board of Investment (BOI). As the quintessence of last weekend’s Economy Talks, it was unanimously stated that the quote „Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail“ accurately describes the strategy for the present and future tasks of increasing coalescence in global economy....


Economy Talks 2015 – 7. Februar 2015

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A Bright Future for Pakistan The participants in the Economy Talks at the Munich Security Conference see a significant cooperation potential between Germany and Pakistan. German entrepreneurs and investors have recognised the economic potential of these concurring factors. Due to its geostrategic location, Pakistan is an increasingly important logistical hub. The country’s rapid economic development brings with it an increasing demand for energy. The joint invitation of Prof. Dr. Ursula Männle, chairwomen of the Hanns-Seidel-Foundation, and Dr. Pantelis Christian Poetis, Honorary Consul for Bavaria and president of G.A.T.E. to Pakistan, attracted significant numbers of key decision makers from business, finance, politics and science. Defence Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif, whose responsibilities also include energy and water resources, pointed out the close relationship between security and basic economic conditions: the absence of economic progress promotes extremism. Thus the main goal of the Pakistani government is to maintain friendly with neighbouring states and thereby improve domestic entrepreneurial opportunities. „One says that the early bird gets the worm: now is the time to invest in Pakistan“ said Asif. Ambassador Syed Hasan Javed in particular stressed the trustworthy partnership between Pakistan and Germany. German support during the recent natural catastrophes will be long remembered. „The foundation of G.A.T.E. to Pakistan is a strong indication of the German government’s recognition of the importance of economic cooperation with Pakistan“ said Ambassador Javed. Given Pakistan’s need of energy to sustain future growth, the energy sector offers lucrative investment opportunities. In bilateral discussions held by Liu Zhenmin, Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs of China, and Defence Minister Asif before the Economy Talks, both sides agreed to intensify cooperation. Chinese business representatives also attended the Talks to intensify discussions about the merits of the Sino-German Ecopark established in Qingdao. The industry park’s ecological advantaged, realised through cooperation with German corporations, were being regarded as visionary by the Pakistani representatives, who would like to consider environmental aspects at the current early stages of industrial development projects. G.A.T.E. to Pakistan was founded by Honorary Consul Dr. Poeti in cooperation with German Pakistan Trade and Invest (GPTI), Pakistan-German Business Forum (PGBF) and the Pakistani Board of Investment (BOI). The first major project of the newly-founded organisation, the establishment of Special Economic Zone near Karachi for German companies, was made public at the Economy Talks. As Poetis explained at the end of the event in the Hotel Bayerischer Hof, „Pakistan is the ideal logistical corridor for Central and Western Asia. German investors and businessmen attending this year’s Economy Talks have shown great investment interest in Pakistan. The strong emphasis placed on security by the Pakistani delegation has certainly contributed to confidence on the part of potential investors. It is with great confidence that we look forward to emerging cooperation.“    ...


Economy Talks 2015 – 6. Februar 2015

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Economy Talks on the occasion of the Munich Security Conference We are looking forward to welcome our honourable guests today to the Economy Talks on the occasion of the Munich Security Conference in Hotel Bayerischer Hof. The Economy Talks were established by Consul Dr. Poetis in 2011, to bring together international decision makers to discuss matters of international economy, politics, education and science in a private, however very productive, setting. Over the past five decades the Munich Security Conference (MSC) has become a key annual gathering for the international „strategic community“. Since its foundation in 1963 as „internationale Wehrkunde-Begegnung“, the MSC has been an independent forum dedicated to promoting peaceful conflict resolution and international cooperation and dialogue in dealing with today’s and future security  challenges. H.E. Khawaja Muhammad Asif, Pakistani Federal Minister for Defence, Water and Power and his delegation look forward to meet the participants of the Economy Talks 2015, who comprise among others, high-ranking decision-makers from the automotive and aerospace industry, real estate development, private equity, the chamber of commerce as well as the banking and broadcasting sector. We look forward to fruitful...


Economy Talks 2015 – 5. Februar 2015

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Pakistan’s population and demographics Pakistan is the sixth most populous country in the world, with an estimated population of over 180 millions at a growth rate of 2%. The median age in Pakistan is 22 years, which means Pakistan is a young country. This vast population is unevenly distributed, with most people living in rural areas. In recent years, many rural residents have been migrating to cities in search of better paying jobs. If the current pattern of urbanization continues, the urban population of Pakistan will cross the figure of 122 million by 2030, which is 50% of total population. Workforce Pakistan has the 9th largest labour force in the world. According to labour force survey 2010-11, the total labour force in the country was 57.24 million. Out of this, 3.4 million people are unemployed. The working population is 110 million, 60% of total population. The adult population (15-59 years) is considered as the wealth of the nation in terms of human resources. Adult population has increased from 104 million in 2011 to 110 million in...


Economy Talks 2015 – 4. Februar 2015

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Pakistan: the 4th largest producer of cotton Pakistan is the 8th largest exporter of textile products in Asia. The sector contributes 8.5 % to the GDP and provides employment to 40% of industrial labour force. Pakistan is the 4th largest producer of cotton with the third largest spinning capacity in Asia after China and India, and contributes 5% to the global spinning capacity. Export of cotton denim fabrics from Pakistan increased form 263 million sq. meters worth US$ 26.46 million in 2010-11 to 320 million sq. meters worth US$ 34-93 million in 2011-12, thus showing an increase of 32% in terms of value. The major markets during 2011-12 were Bangladesh, Turkey, Egypt and...


„Die richtige Schnittmenge zwischen Politik und Wirtschaft trägt zum unternehmerischen Erfolg bei“

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In der Dezemberausgabe des Newsletters der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik spricht Unternehmerin Lenka Heimöller im Interview über die Rolle der Außenpolitik bei unternehmerischen Aktivitäten. Auch GATE hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht seinen korporativen Mitgliedern durch Informationen und Know-How sowie ein weit greifendes Netzwerk das Tor für den pakistanischen Markt zu öffnen. Ihr G.A.T.E.-Team Zum vollständigen...


Hoher Besuch in Berlin – GATE mittendrin

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Mit einer kleinen Auswahl an Fotos möchten wir Ihnen ein Einblick bezüglich des Besuches des pakistanischen Premierministers in Berlin gewähren! Viel Spaß! Ihr G.A.T.E.-Team    ...


Pakistanischer Premierminister Nawaz Sharif besucht Deutschland – G.A.T.E. unterzeichnet MoU!

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Pakistanischer Premierminister Nawaz Sharif zu Besuch bei Bundeskanzlerin Dr. Angela Merkel Zeichnung zweier bahnbrechender Memoranden of Understanding zur Förderung regenerativer Energien und Etablierung einer Freihandelszone für deutsche Unternehmen in Karachi Berlin, 10. und 11. November 2014: Konsul Dr. Pantelis Christian Poetis, CEO der POWERGROUP und Präsident der Vereins G.A.T.E. to Pakistan e.V., unterzeichnet Gründung einer Special Economic Zone für deutsche Unternehmen in Pakistan unter der Befürwortung des pakistanischen Premierministers Nawaz Sharif in Berlin. Nach mehreren Monaten des intensiven Verhandelns sind die Bemühungen des CEOs der POWERGROUP, Konsul Dr. Pantelis Christian Poetis, belohnt worden. Anlässlich des Deutschland-Besuchs des pakistanischen Premierministers Nawaz Sharif bei Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel wurde – wie die Medien berichteten – nicht nur die politisch-militärische Lage in Pakistan diskutiert, sondern auch eine Reihe von bahnbrechenden Grundsteinen gelegt, um die deutsch-pakistanischen Wirtschaftsbeziehungen elementar zu akzelerieren. So unterschrieb Dr. Poetis in seiner Funktion als Initiator und Präsident von G.A.T.E. to Pakistan e.V. eines von zwei Memoranden of Understanding (MoU) – in Anwesenheit und unter Befürwortung des pakistanischen Premierministers – mit dem pakistanischen Army Welfare Trust, vertreten durch das Vorstandsmitglied General Major Muhammad Farooq. Premierminister Nawaz Sharif zeigte sich zufrieden über die Unterzeichnung des MoUs und die Initiative aus München. „Im weltweiten Vergleich bietet Pakistan ein sehr freundliches Investorenklima und hohe Renditen“, so der Premierminister in Berlin. Als ersten Schritt stellt der Army Welfare Trust ein Areal von 500 Hektar in der Nähe des Hafens Karachi bereit, einem der wichtigsten Verkehrsknotenpunkte der Region. „Pakistan ist nicht nur ein wichtiger Handelspartner; die Städte, allen voran Karachi, entwickeln sich zu Metropolen und Megahubs der Zukunft,“ erklärt Dr. Poetis gegenüber den pakistanischen Medien. Das geplante Wirtschaftsareal wird kurzfristig für deutsche Unternehmen und Investoren entwickelt und ausgebaut. Die Special Economic Zone bietet neben einer 10-jährigen Steuerfreiheit den zollfreien Import der dort hergestellten Güter nach Deutschland und in die EU. Gleichzeitig wird garantiert, dass in diesem Areal, neben der hochwertigen Produktion Schulungsstätten für die Mitarbeiter eingerichtet werden, um deutsche Qualitätsstandards zu erreichen und Kinderarbeit zu verhindern. Auch garantiert der Army Welfare Trust die verkehrstechnische Anbindung, eigenständige Energieversorgung und vollständige Sicherheit auf dem gesamten Gelände. General Major Muhammad Farooq erörtert: „Wir, der Army Welfare Trust, als eines der größten Wirtschaftsunternehmen in Pakistan, wollen den pakistanischen Markt für deutsche Unternehmen öffnen.“ Die POWERASIA Unit der POWERGROUP und G.A.T.E. to Pakistan e.V. sorgen für die Einbindung der deutschen Partner und insbesondere den strategischen Ausbau der Special Economic Zone zu einem führenden Produktions- und Logistikzentrum für deutsche Unternehmen in der Region. Am Ende von zwei aufregenden und erfolgreichen Tagen in Berlin betont Dr. Poetis: „Es gibt viel zu tun, packen wir es...


Wahl des Vorstands

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München, 23. Oktober 2014 – Die Gründungsmitglieder haben den ersten Vorstand von G.A.T.E. to Pakistan e.V. wie folgt gewählt: