Economy Talks: Investment opportunities in Sindh, Pakistan – 22nd April, 2016

Economy Talks: Investment opportunities in Sindh, Pakistan – 22nd April, 2016

Munich, 22nd April – The Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology and the Honorary Consulate of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan for Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg hosted a business conference to introduce the Sindh market to German companies. Over 90 participants from different sectors including energy, telecom, textile, automotive, mining, pharmaceutical and agriculture attended the conference. Ms. Naheed Memon, Chairperson Sindh Board of Investment (SBI) headed the Sindh delegation. Additional Chief Secretary Planning & Development Sindh, Muhammad Waseem, Finance Secretary Sindh, Sohail Rajput and Secretary Energy Sindh, Agha Wasif Abbas were part of the delegation. Ulrich Konstantin Rieger, Senior Ministerial Counsellor formally welcomed the Sindh delegation and German businessmen to the Bavarian Ministry.

Consul Dr. Poetis gave a brief presentation about the investment opportunities and advantages of the geostrategic location of Pakistan. He introduced the concept Made in Pakistan with German Engineering to the audience and explained that German companies could benefit from the advantages of Pakistan’s vast labour force, growing internal market and the large infrastructure investment of 46 billion dollars by the Chinese government. Pakistan could also become a major logistic hub for German companies, given its geostrategic position, which enables immediate access to 3bn people in the neighbouring countries and the Arab region.

Chairperson SBI Ms Naheed assured the company representatives regarding provision of all facilities for investment in Sindh. She emphasized that the Sindh government was giving valuable incentives to international companies for investment in Sindh in energy and other sectors.

Mr. Schmiedchen, German Consul General in Karachi, assured the German companies that if any German company seeks to invest in Sindh, the German Consulate in Karachi would provide them full support.

Helmut von Struve, Chief Executive Officer Siemens Pakistan, Tayyab Tareen, Chief Executive Officer K-Electric and Shamsuddin Shaikh, Chief Executive Officer Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company shared their successful business stories with the participants.

Mr. Jauhar Saleem, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to Germany, briefed the audience about the positive steps in shape of benefits, which are taken by the democratically elected Pakistani government to attract foreign investors. Pakistan is home to around 1,000 multinational businesses. Ambassador Saleem further said, “in terms of investment opportunities, Pakistan is one of those regions of the world, which are the most dynamic in terms of economy’’ and pointed out that German companies are particularly welcome to benefit from the strong market growth opportunities.

The Honorary Consulate’s team would like to thank all participants for the fruitful discussions. Our particular thanks go to Ulrich Konstantin Rieger and his team for the organisation and trustworthy cooperation.

We hope to see all of you in Pakistan soon!

Enjoy the photos of the investment conference and the evening reception hosted by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology, the Sindh Board of Investment and the Honorary Consulate of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan for Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg on 21st/22nd April.

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